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The General Meeting of Members is the supreme managing body of the Association and is authorized to decide all issues, relating to the Association’s activity.

The meeting is competent in all the following:

- amendments and additions to this Charter;

- establishment of the main activities of the Association, approval of its plans and completion reports;

- issues on acceptance and exclusion of new members to/from the Association;

- election and withdrawal of members of the Association’s Board, the Chairman of the Association’s Board, his Deputies, CEO, members of the Audit Committee of the Association;

- decision on the termination of the Association, appointment of the liquidation commission, approval of the liquidation balance sheet;

- decision on the election of the Honorary President of the Association.

Other issues of the Association may be presented for consideration of the Meeting, if initiated by Members, holding at least 30% of the total votes of the General Meeting.

Meeting may assign some issues, imposed on them by the Charter, for consideration of the Board of the Association.

Ordinary Meeting of the Association is convened by the Association Board at least once a year. Interval between them shall not exceed 18 months.

Extraordinary meetings shall be convened by the Board, in particular at the request of CEO, the Audit Committee or at the request of Members of the Association, holding at least 60% of the total votes of the General Meeting of the Association, to consider common issues, arising from business of the Association.

To follow the resolution of the Association to convene the Meeting, the executive body of the Association shall notify Members of the Association on the date, time and place and issues to be considered at the meeting not later than 45 days prior to their conducting by registered mail.

Member of the Association may be introduced at the meeting by his leader or spokesperson, which is authorized to take part and vote at the meeting on behalf of the Member, provided that the appointment of the spokesperson shall be confirmed in writing (power of attorney).

Each Member of the Association is authorised at the Meeting with one (1) vote.

Members of the Association (or their representatives) who take part in the Meeting shall be duly registered before the Meeting.

Credentials committee, appointed by CEO shall register Members of the Association, who came to take part in the Meeting for credentials.

Chairman of the Board of Association opens the Meeting. The Meeting shall be conducted by the Chairman of the Meeting, elected by the Meeting. The Meeting also appoint the Secretary of Meeting, who shall keep the minutes of the Meeting. Minutes of the Meeting shall be signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting.

The Meeting shall decide issues, taken for their consideration, if they consist of at least 60% of the total number of Members of the Association.

Resolution of the lawful Meeting shall be passed by a simple majority of votes, determined proportionally to the number of votes of Members taken part at the Meeting. If there is no quorum of the Meeting, the majority of those present Members of the Association may decide to postpone the Meeting.

Resolution on changes and amendments to the Charter, on reorganization or termination of the Association shall be adopted if voted more than 50% of the Members of the Association.

If there is an urgent need to decide on issue of the Association or failure to provide the Association with a quorum, Meeting, on the initiative of the Association or the CEO, may be conducted by poll of Members with mandatory drafting of minutes of the Meeting.

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