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CEO (Chief Executive Director) shall carry out current management of the Association and execution of all resolutions of the Meeting and Board of the Association.

The Executive Director is the executive and regulatory body of the Association, conducting general management and coordinating all production, commercial, administrative and other functions and activities of the Association.

The competence of the Executive Director includes all matters of the Association, other than those that the Charter assigns to an exclusive competence of the Meeting and the Board of the Association.

CEO is elected to his office and office of a member of the Association Board for a term of 5 years by the Meeting. CEO ex officio is a member of the Board of the Association and is the only member of the Association, performing his functions as full-time officer.

CEO has the right to solely decide the matters within his competence without authorization to represent the Association in legislative, state executive authorities, local governments in the relations with domestic and foreign business entities and citizens.

CEO shall appoint his deputies, department heads, and specialists and defines the scope of their duties.

CEO shall:

- make proposals to the Board of the Association on entry and exclusion from the membership of the Association;

- organize and provide the relationship between the Association and its Members;

- decide on the activities of the Association for purposes and in the procedure as per the Charter of the Association;

- dispose of the property of the Association, including its funds within the scope of the annual budget;

- prepare annual budgets of the Association, estimates for the maintenance of the Association and its organizational structure;

- organize the development of annual plans, reports and other documents, its submission for approval by the Board of the Association;

- organize the development and approve regulations of branches, representative offices and other separate units of the Association, appoint their directors, administers and supervises;

- issue orders, regulations and other regulations;

- determine the procedure of signing the documents, issued by the Association and issue powers of attorney;

- open current and other accounts in banks, manages funds on such accounts, makes all kinds of settlements, credit and cash transactions;

- approve personnel schedules of the Association, including schedules of its branches, representative offices and other separate units;

- employs and dismisses employees of the Association and heads of branches, representative offices and other separate units of the Association, encourage employees and impose disciplinary sanctions;

- implement the resolutions of the Meeting and the Board of the Association and report to the Board of the Association on annual activities;

- approve all rules, regulations and standards of the Association.

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