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The Board is the supreme body in between the General Meetings. The Board shall:

-  determine the key directions of the Association’s activity, perspective plans;

-  prepare the reports and drafts of the Association’s agenda;

-  provide training and organization of Meetings of the Association, jointly with CEO of the Association on an interim basis considers all issues to be resolved by the Meeting;

- if necessary, establish and organize temporary committees and working groups of the Association for the activities of the Association;

- approve budget, estimates for financing the executive body of the Association, funding sources of the Association;

- approve annual results of the Association, reports and conclusions of the Audit Committee;

- fix the amount of admission and membership fees, procedure for its payment;

- carry out operational control over the current activity of the Association;

- decide on the opening of branches, representative offices and other separate units of the Association without establishing legal entity, which are required to provide statutory objectives of the Association;

- determine the amount, deadlines and designation of target contributions of Members of the Association, controls their settlements;

- initiate, if necessary, unscheduled inspections and audits of financial and economic activity of the Association;

- hear the reports of CEO on the activity of the Association;

- approve the list of innovation and research programmes of the Association and the scope of funding;

- sort out any other issues of the Association as per the resolution of the General Meeting of the Association.

The Board of the Association is appointed by the General Meeting of the Association for a period of 5 years.

- Heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations – the Members of the Association – in number, determined by the Meeting;

CEO of the Association.

The General Meeting also elects the Chairman of the Board of the Association and three of his deputies.

The Association Board has no right to interfere in the operations of the executive body of the Association.

The Association Board decides on its issues at the meetings, convened at least once per quarter and which are valid if they consists of the majority of members.

Extraordinary meetings of the Board shall be convened at the request of the Chairman of the Board, any of its members, the Audit Committee or CEO of the Association.

The meetings of the Board shall be held at the location of the Association or at any other place as the Board decides.

All decisions of the Board shall be taken by a simple majority of members present at the meeting, and registered in the minutes. In case of tie vote, the Chairman of the Board shall be entitled to a casting vote.

The resolutions of the Board Association may be taken by the poll in writing, using communication facilities.

Association Board shall independently develop and approve its additional rules and procedures.

Chairman of the Board of the Association shall:

- organize work of the Association;

- convene meetings of the Association Board and chairs it;

- assign authorities to his deputies;

- report to the Meeting on the results of activities of the Association during the period between meetings;

- provide relations between branches, representative offices and other separate units of the Association, organize their work with Association;

- provide drafting resolutions of the managing bodies of the Association and their implementation.

If the Chairman of the Board is absent, one of the deputies of the Chairman of the Association shall perform his duties.

Chairman of the Association and his deputies shall not be officials and include the staff of the Association; they perform their duties on a voluntary and free basis.

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