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‘Rostdorstroy’ LLC was registered on August 16, 2005 by the Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council. At the present time the company with 9 years of experience offers its services in road maintenance and construction work of any volume and complexity and is one of the leaders in the field of construction, reconstruction and repair of highways Ukraine.

‘Rostdorstroy’ LLC is the company with the considerable production and technical potential and wide range of suppliers of industrial and material values as well as raw materials. The company cooperates with the companies, providing construction equipment and machinery (increased carrying capacity automobiles for transportation of inert materials and road concrete mix at the long distances).

Among the most successful implemented road construction and repair projects of ‘Rostdorstroy’ LLC are the following: 

- construction of the highway Kyiv - Odessa (city. Zhashkiv – Chervonoznamenka village) at the site - km 360 + 000 - km 370 + 000; 

- overhaul of the national roads Kyiv - Odessa at the sites 383 + km 913 - km 388 + 000 + 000 km 393 - km 399 + 000; 

- placing the top layer of asphalt pavement at the site km 370 + 000 - km 373 + 800 and overhaul of pavement at the sites 413 km + 000 - km 417 + 000 + 423 km 000 - km 432 + 000 + 432 km 000 - km 436 083 of the national road Kyiv - Odessa; 

- shore protection works in Chornomorske village, Kominternivskyi area, Odessa region; 

- Kolontaivska and Miasoidivska streets reconstruction and overhaul of Lustdorfskar Road, Tratralna Square, Duma Square in Odessa;

- automobile terminal construction with the parking area of 13 hectares in the region of Illichivsk; 

- reconstruction of streets Tiraspolska, Fontanska road from the 9th to the 12th station in V. Fontan in Odessa; 

- reconstruction of the national road "Obkhid in Odessa"; 

- repair of the road M-14 ‘Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk’ km 55 km 120 + 500 + 000; 

- restoration of the container deck of intermediate bulk containers at the site Odessa-Lisky, 

- overhaul of Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard and Chervonoarmiyska Street in. Kiev; 

- overhaul of the Crimean Boulevard in Odessa; 

- landslide and shore protection works on the site of the coast length 248 m in Chornomorske village in Kominternivska area in Odessa region;

- overhaul of pavement of the Coast road in Odessa;

- current repairs of pavements in Odessa; 

- overhaul of kindergarten building ‘Yasla-sadok’ No. 238 of the combined type; 

- reconstruction of pavement of Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, with dismantling of tram rail centers in Kyiv; 

- overhaul and replace of road pavement on Truhanov island in Dniprovskyi district in Kyiv; 

- reconstruction and landscaping of park in Volodymirska Hill and reconstruction of Hryhorenka Avenue (Akhmatova - Zdolbunovska Streets), reconstruction of Anna Akhmatova Street in the area from Hryhorenka Avenue to the street Urlivskaya in Darnitskiy district. reconstruction of road Kyiv - Hostomel in Kiev, 

- current repair of road P-04 Kyiv - Fastiv – Bila Tservka - Tarascha - Zvenigorodka at the site km 0 + 000 - km 15 + 100, the current average road repair near Gorenichi village with the length of 0.6 km in Kyiv region and many others. 

Now the residents of Kyiv, Odesa, Mykolaiv Cherkassy and Odessa regions can now be proud of streets and parks, and confident in quality of works of ‘Rostdorstroy’.

In view of the mentioned above, "Rostdorstroy" LLC is the company that is ready to perform a full range of road repair and construction works throughout Ukraine.  

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