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The Association is free for entry (exit) of the new Members.

Members of the Association may include enterprises, organizations, institutions, business partnerships, contracting associations and other legal entities, except for cases stipulated by the regulations of Ukraine, which carry out road construction and operational maintenance of roads, duly licensed as well as in the related fields (construction materials production, engineering, planning, legal and audit services, etc.), and agree to support and perform statutory objectives of the Association, and duties, imposed on the Participant's by the constituent documents of the Association, provided the application to enter the Association and pay the entry fees. Membership in the Association shall be on a non-discriminatory basis.

Foreign legal entities and international organizations that align with and perform the Charter may be the Members of the Association along with the national legal entities under the current legislation of Ukraine.

All Members of the Association have equal rights of Members and shall perform similar duties of Members of the Association.

The resolution on admission to the membership shall be passed by the General Meeting of the Association, based on the proposal of CEO for the admission of a legal entity to the Membership of the Association and written admission application of the relevant legal entity for the admission to the membership of the Association, which is confirmed in writing consent to the Statute of the Association and performing the obligations of the Charter and decisions of the General Meeting of the Association as well as the Council of the Association.

Members of the Association through its authorized representatives are entitled to:

- elect and be elected to the governing and supervisory bodies of the Association;

- make offers regarding Association activity for consideration of the Association, to participate in the discussion of such issues at the General Meeting;

- take part in the voting at the General Meeting regarding issues under consideration;

- use services and property of the Association in priority and in due course;

- use all scientific and technical developments owned by the Association in due course;

- receive methodological and other (scientific advisory, technological, legal, accounting, etc.) assistance to implement projects, approved by the governing bodies of the Association;

- obtain complete information about the Association, as well as review the annual balance sheets, reports of the Association;

- withdraw from the Membership of the Association on the terms and in the manner provided by the Charter;

- get standard certificate on membership in the Association;

- act as a Member of the Association in accordance with the rules of ethical and professional behaviour (Ethics Code).

Members of the Association are obliged to:

- comply with the constituent documents of the Association and execute the resolutions of the General Meeting and Board of the Association;

- actively assist in resolving assignments, arising from the constituent documents of the Association, be in constant relations with the Association;

- perform its obligations before the Association, including those related to property participation, and timely pay membership fees and target contributions, on time and within the scope, approved by the General Meeting of the Association;

- do not disclose commercial and confidential information about the Association, approved by the Board or CEO of the Association;

- timely and promptly provide, at the request of the Association, data that do not contain commercial secrets and necessary for the Association to carry out its statutory activity, as well as individually inform on the reorganization of the Association’s Member, change of its name, address or managers, contact numbers etc.

Membership shall be terminated only in case of exclusion or withdrawal of a Member from the Association.

Member of the Association who wishes to withdraw from the membership of the Association shall apply statement for CEO of the Association. Such a statement shall be considered by the General Meetings of the Association.

Members may be excluded from the Association in the following cases:

- member of the Association ceases its activity;

- competent authority withdraws (annuls) the relevantlicense of Member;

- participant does not comply with the requirements provided by law, constituent documents of the Association.

In this case the General Meeting of the Association shall pass the resolution on exclusion in the same manner as if at the voluntary withdrawal statement of a Member. 

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